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I am Andrea Balbo, a multi-disciplinary developer currently working as Business Intelligence Specialist at NH Hotel Group part of Minor.

I am also working as a freelance Full Stack Data Scientist, and I am specialized in new and upcoming digital technologies and their interconnection.

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About me


Master in Big Data and Business Analytics, Bachelor's Degree in Statistical and Economic Sciences. Passionate in Big Data, Statistics and Computer Sciences.

As generalizing specialist, I contribute with direct value to the team, having a vaste knowledge of software development and the business domain. I aim to ensuring excellent results and successful delivery of solutions and products.

My passion is actively seeking to gain new skills in both my existing specialties and other areas, including both technical and domain ones.

Curious since birth, I am looking for new and innovative ideas to bring to a project. I believe in the creation of products and brands that make our lives better, easier and more fun.


Business Intelligence Specialist

NH Hotel Group part of Minor

Headquarters, Madrid

Jul, 2019 - Current

Team leader of global projects to help the company success at reaching its main objectives of profitability. I am in charge of the development of innovative and advanced systems for the analysis, in orderd to facilitate the decision making and the implementation of strategic actions by the different stakeholders. This includes definition, modeling, programming, analysis, testing, delivery and follow-up activities, as well as others.

Full Stack Data Scientist


Milan & Madrid

Jan, 2012 - Current

As Full Stack Data Scientist I am proficient in both the front-end and back-end languages and frameworks, as well as in Big Data, Statistics, Cloud Computing, Visualisation and Network environments. My greatest passion is continuos learning, above all development and upcoming digital technologies and their interconnection. I am also well-versed in both business logic and user experience, to guide and consult on strategy too. Take a look at my Skill Tree here below.

Business Support Analyst (EMEA)

Associated Foreign Exchange Ireland Ltd

Branch, Madrid

Nov, 2017 - Jul, 2019

At european level, front and back office, query, credit, compliance and accountability activities, including improvement and implementation of process, and international wire transfer investigations.

Assistant Account Executive



Nov, 2015 - May, 2016


Ceass Rossi di Di Terlizzi Anna Maria


Sep, 2013 - Sep, 2017


Imf Business School

Master in Big Data and Business Analytics

Università degli studi di Milano Bicocca

Bachelor's Degree in Statistical and Economic Sciences

IIS Vittuone

High School Diploma in Computer Systems


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Pellet del Sureste Mockup

Pellet del Sureste

Freelance Project

Co-founder of Pellet del Sureste company, I took care of the ideation and implementation of the corporate image which, thanks to a multi-platform communication line, has led to the brand awareness. I develop marketing campaigns using both traditional and online channels, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), areas of improvement and positioning against the competition.

Ceass Rossi Mockup

Ceass Rossi

Freelance Project

Gestionale 2.0Gestionale 2.0

Tailor-made management software for managing bills, transport documents, customers, store, accounting and corporate statistics.

Based entirely on web technology, it exploits both the power of the front-end, for the creation of dynamic and immediate layouts, and the power of the back-end, to organize all the information in a structured way through the use of databases.

It essentially replicate the functions of existing online applications but the advantage of this software is the ad-hoc customization for the company and the possibility of offline use.

Kintroller Mockup


Freelance Project

During my studies I had the opportunity to create "Kintroller", to help people affected by agoraphobia. These people experience a feeling of fear or severe discomfort when they are in an unfamiliar environment.

The main tool used is Microsoft's Kinect sensor which, in combination with a server and client, allows you to navigate, with the movements of your body, through the landscapes that Google provides with its StreetView service.

Martina Vimercati Mockup

Martina Vimercati Psychologist

Freelance Project

There are many things you have learned without knowing it. And a lot of the knowledge that you thought was important on a conscious level has slipped into your unconscious mind.

Seduta Psicologa



I had the pleasure to work with Andrea during our experience in AFEX. He is a brilliant young professional with an excellent analytical mind, with impressive abilities in statistics, coding and machine learning. Thanks to him, our team was able to complete projects and tasks at an astonishing speed as he tremendously helped the team with his skills. His interest and deep knowledge of technology were crucial to the team. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for an incredibly fast learner with a problem-solving-mind-set to complete complex projects with complicated architectures. Glad to have worked with him! He is a great source of knowledge and I learnt a lot from him!

M. B. Sr. Pre-Sales & Implementation Consultant at Western Union Business Solutions

I have had the great fortune to meet Andrea in my team. I am more than satisfied about his job performance. Andrea is a great colleague, young, willing to learn and improve, ready to help the team. He has impressive IT skills at 360°. Often he helped me with brilliant and smart solution to make our work easier! He grew a lot during the time he was with us and this makes me proud to have had him on my team. If there was the opportunity, I would immediately take him back into the team. This is to highlight the esteem and trust he has been able to win.

M. L. EMEA Business Support Manager at Associated Foreign Exchange Ireland Ltd
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